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Help my friend figure out the title of a song she heard at a music festival in Paris on the 21st June...

While visiting Paris, my friend attended a music festival (La Fete de la Musique?) on the 21st June, and heard a song performed at a particular location. (The nearest metro to this location was the Bastille, but she can't remember any other details about the location.) She says the song sounded like "jazzy pop rock", had guitars, and had a "folkish and jazzy" melody. 'a la faveur de l'automne' by Tete was played two songs after this particular song.

Was anyone at the same festival and location, by any chance? I'm sorry my friend can't remember much else about the location or the musicians performing... just thought I'd try asking here.
(If anyone happened to be at the festival and knows the setlists for that location, that'd be even better...)
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I wish I could have been there, but perhaps this agenda will help.
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