What is the travel book series that boasts off-the-beaten-path sights and locations?
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What is the travel book series that boasts off-the-beaten-path sights and locations?

I remember reading/hearing about a travel book for Hawaii that told you some of the local hide-aways and access points. Something like, "Drive to the end of the road, hop the fence near the ditch, turn left at the big rock, walk past the shed and see the most beautiful view or sun bathe on the ultra-secluded beach".

I'm headed to Nova Scotia next week and will be camping. It's a long shot, however, I was hoping there would be a similar book for that area.

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Rough Guides?
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Best answer: I think you're thinking of the Revealed series (eg Maui Revealed)
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Best answer: Here's a link to the Maui Revealed book. We took it with us on our honeymoon in Maui 2 weeks ago. We avoided some of the questionable tresspassing areas, and the book was still useful.

Of course, we kept running into other people who had that book, so a lot of the hidden spots were not so hidden. (although a lot of the hiking areas were pretty empty when we went, which was nice)

I couldn't find a similar book in that series for Nova Scotia. I've been there, but it was mostly a genealogical trip, so we didn't do any off the beaten path trips.
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There is actually a travel book series called "Off the Beaten Path". Here's their guide to Hawaii.
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Make sure you check out these previous AskMe threads for Nova Scotia travel trips.
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She's going to Nova Scotia, she was just using that Hawaii book as an example.

Closest I could find: Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Book of Everything.
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There's a series called 'Hidden ' but I didn't find a Nova Scotia version.
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That should be 'Hidden (place name)' (e.g. Hidden Tennessee)
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I'm pretty sure the Revealed series is Hawaii specific -- it was last time I checked a couple of years ago.

What made them so great (well, Maui Revealed is the only one I ever used, and it was great) was that they're written by locals who obviously know what they're talking about. It was like visiting a friend on Maui without having to sleep on their couch ;). My point is, see if you can find a travel book written by Nova Scotians.

chndrcks experienced the same thing we did -- by the time we went to Maui, that was the book to have. The secrets weren't so secret anymore, but it gave you a comraderie with the other people in the know which was nice.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, especially miss lynnster. Maui Revealed was the book I was thinking about and unfortunately the series is Hawaii-specific. I couldn't remember the name and was hoping to find something similar for Nova Scotia.

You're right natabat, a travel book written by a Nova Scotian would be great.

Thanks for the replies everyone!
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Oops, terribly sorry about the Hawaii link. It was almost lunchtime, and I think my stomach was distracting me. It doesn't appear as though there's a guide for Nova Scotia in the series I mentioned.
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