What should we do in London on expenses?
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Help me make the most of my last few evenings in London!

My work send me to different locations based on where the role requires. At the moment, I'm in central London (Edgware Road tube), but next week we're moving out to Heathrow. There are a few of us down here on expenses and we'd like to make the most of our last three evenings here (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) before heading out to the wilderness! Travelling anywhere in zones 1-2 is no problem.

I'm looking for anything we can do from 7pm on; good places to eat, pub or clubs you would recommend, shows to see, etc. All ideas welcome :)
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I'd start by reading through some of the previous 229 threads on London. Or ask a specific question that hasn't been answered before a bunch of times.
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A friend just recommended here to eat:

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Full expenses (but not outrageously expensive) :

1) Start at Fish Market, a champagne bar near Liverpool Street Station
2) Dinner at Criterion, near Picadilly Circus

That will do for starters. Or the entire evening depending upon what you're up for.
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Go to Costa Dorada on Hanway Street near Tottenham Court road, haven't eaten there but the atmosphere after 10 is great. Helps if you can dance Salsa but by no means necessary. It's kind of a Spanish tapas bar that becomes a dancefloor later. The jugs of Sangia are the best I've had here in the UK
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If you like Indian Food, I really like La Porte des Indes. Great food, more spendy than a normal Indian but a good atmosphere and gorgeous decor as well. Centrally located, behing Marble Arch tube station, the address is 32 Bryanston Street.
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Of course, there's loads of stuff going on - it is London, after all. You might have a look at Le Cool, a weekly email newsletter of interesting cultural happenings in several European cities, covering bars and restaurants, shopping, film, music, art and so on. Here's this week's London edition.
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Oh, and when you do get out to Heathrow... If you like Indian food, you should definitely go to Brilliant on Western Road in Southall. It's been going for thirty-odd years and serves top quality Punjab-via-Kenya food - yes, it lives up to its name. Try the butter chicken.
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