How do I display my hat collection?
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I have many baseball caps that I've collected over the years. How should I display them?

Most of my baseball cap collection is just sentimental, but I want to take care of them. Is there an object that I can put inside them to help them keep shape. I'm not looking for a stand to put them all on. I want to be able to display them independently. Those styrofoam heads would be okay, but I'd prefer something that only filled the hat area so you wouldn't see anything but hat.

My google skills have failed me. Can you help?
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first hit for 'cap rack'

I've seen them advertised in low-rent catalogues, the kind with nose hair trimmers and the like, so don't pay too much...
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Take the styrofoam heads (or, possibly, styrofoam balls of an appropriate size--you can find them at craft/hobby stores) and cut the bottoms off? I'd put the hat on it, use a pencil to draw a deep line around the edge of the hat, and use the line to guide the cut. And I'd use a saw to cut it, since doing that kind of thing with a small blade is kind of a pain.
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Response by poster: @kmennie: I do not want a rack. I want to be able to display them individually.

@cadastral: LOL.

@Steven: Unusual idea, but stapling them isn't an option.

I'm just looking for something to fill out the shape of the hat, without being a burden to remove if I decide I want to wear one of them.
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You could go with a series of styrofoam heads, since you're looking to fill out the shape of the hat.

Not sure how creepy that might make you seem, but it's an option.
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on preview - maybe just cut the styrofoam heads to just larger than the hat, and use something to keep the cut-top-head on the wall.
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Would something like this hat stand work?
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Oh, and if you want to mount them on the wall... pound (small) nails partway into the wall/a board to be mounted on the wall, then stick the flat sides of the styrofoam partial spheres into them.
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If you are single, don't. If you are married or permanently partnered, in the garage.
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Best answer: Styrofoam balls, already cut in half. Measure your head, buy the appropriately sized half ball. The best way to stick them in the hats (without damage to the hats) is probably double sided tape, applied generously.
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Best answer: Here is a wig insert that might suit your needs. Here is a stand that would kind of be like art. Almost.
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