Suggest ideas to help me paint my MacBookPro case.
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Speck (clear) case for my MacBookPro (15"). I want to do something really cool - paint it. What should I paint it (and how best to accomplish such?)

So, I've managed to get my hands on two clear Speck Cases for my MacBookPro. I could use some ultra cool ideas on what to paint it. I'd give you a list of stuff I'm interested in...but I'm really curious about what you'd suggest. (This will be viewed at times in public, it has merely to be professional - no nudity/foul language.)

Also, as listed here, it's made of Polycarbonate plastic. What would be the best process (Primer? What kind? What sort of paints? How should I best 'finish' it to prevent the paint from wearing.) I have medium paint abilities (quite a bit of model building, but that was over 20 years ago.)
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Paint the inside, to show through the clear plastic - At least, that'll protect from scratches up against stuff. Might not protect from rubbing off on the 'book so much.

And speaking of books, the Guide from Hitchhiker's is something I've always wanted. A nice friendly 'Don't Panic' on a leatherette-textured backing...

Another option is paint it just like the MacBook, with panels 'broken' or 'ripped' away exposing bare circuitry and wiring beneath...
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If you seal it with clear acrylic sealer or the like (after painting on the inside) I don't think it'd be a problem with rubbing off. Get something that won't get sticky if your computer's still warm, though.

I think there are paints specifically for glass craft at any hobby/craft store. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure there's a mixable medium for acrylics that makes them work on slick surfaces.

If you go to a good enough shop, the staff should be able to advise you as to the durability/heat factors.

Oh and, of course, rubbing alcohol clean your painting surface!
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One option you may want to consider, and it's one I've been considering (just haven't gotten around to actually doing it) is to make a custom MBP sticker.
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I don't know about rubbing alcohol and plastic. It depends, test a small area. Acrylic paint will tend to peel off of plastic. I think it would be cool if you decoupaged it on the exterior. That means applying small pieces of paper artfully arranged with a thin sealer spread over them. You could do old letters, old apple ads, or pictures of different forms of communication. That way, you don't have to worry about paint rubbing off or your lack of painting abilities. It would give it a textured surface finish. Alternatively, you could line it with a beautiful piece of paper, maybe Japanese paper. Or you could combine the two.
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When I did case modding back in high school, vinyl dye was used for all plastic parts since it adhered better. They should have it in most auto stores.
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