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Western New Yorkers! Do you have Diet Mountain Dew Code Red?

It doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Rochester, NY. I've seen it while on vacation in Cincinnati, OH and Winston-Salem, NC, but I'd like to not have to drive hours and hours to get it.

Bonus points if the location is somewhere that I could convince my family to go on a day trip sort of thing (kid stuff, historical stuff, etc.)
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Not at Wegman's? Surprising. I'm pretty sure I've seen my sister drinking it. If so, she would have purchased it at the Weggie's in Syracuse. But I don't really drink soda (or pop, since you speak WNY) so I could be mistaken.
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I know it was test-marketed in PA, so I used to see it in Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas. Don't know its current status, but you might try Erie or some border towns.
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I have never seen it anywhere in Rochester.
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HoldFast > it used to be here, at Wegmans and other places, but it's been a long time. I saw it in Cincinnati in 2004 and at that point it had been out of our area for a few years.

Barring that, how about anywhere in the CT/MA/RI area? I have family out there who could get it to me (and who would also love to have access to it).
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Could swear I saw it at the Tops on Winton/Blossom a while back. If I swing by there today I'll take a peek and let you know..
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My source in central PA says it's still around, but getting harder to find.
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