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MusicFilter: anyone know any music that sounds like this...

i was browsing my time-waster of choice,, and i came across

i'm assuming that's doom music playing in the background, but does anyone know of any artists that sound like this? i listen to some electronic music, but nothing like this.

thanks for your help!

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Daft Punk
Underworld (some of their higher energy stuff)

I'd recommend going to Pandora and popping in the above artists.

Basically, you're looking for anything considered "High Energy" aka "High NRG" techno, or some particularly higher-energy trance (though that'll sound a little less like that particular ytmnd).
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Check out the Ed Banger Records.

It sounds a lot like French Electro which is primarily high energy electro with an obvious Daft Punk house influence.

Justice and SebastiAn are the two most popular and certainly have tracks that sound very similar to that YTMND.

I wouldn't necessarily call that a High NRG track at all.
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This type of post Daft Punk electro rock-out is big right now.

Check out :

more post electro:
Justice, "We Are Your Friends"
Metric, "Monster Hospital -MSTRKRFT Remix"
Kandinsky, Testarossa Autodrive

More techno:
Ricardo Villalobos, Que Belle Epoque 2006
The MFA, "The Difference It Makes - Superpitcher Remix"

Be wary of the label "HI-NRG" which has become a sort of catch-all for euro/gay house/ cheesy trance. The term is often used in a sardonic manner, but sometime seriously and non-ironcaly by, etc.
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DOOM music? That's Coburn. The song's available on the iTunes Music Store. The music from DOOM was Nine Inch Nails ;-)
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Similar music:

Armand Van Helden
DJ Tiesto (NYANA is similar to Coburn)
Chemical Brothers (Come With Us, in particular)

Basically, anything from the heavy end of trance, where it crosses over with High NRG, fits the bill.. though the NEDM music is not Coburn is not High NRG per-se.
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The music from Quake was AFAIK ,Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. DOOM was a tad more atmospheric- but not NIN.
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The lowdown on that fad is at the YTMND wiki. The music used is in that little box on the right.
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Joe Rocket: Actually, I think you're right Joe :) Trent/NIN did Quake and Doom 3.
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