Should I Get a 2nd Opinion On My Sore Left Nut?
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Would it be worth my while to get a second opinion about my sore left testicle?

I've had this problem for a while and I've seen my urologist about it. From time to time, my left testicle becomes tender and sore, with some of the discomfort running up a bit into my abdomen. The first time a couple of years ago, an ultrasound didn't find anything and some hot baths and anti-inflammatories took care of it.

This summer, it's come back and I saw my urologist about it again. At first, I just had him check me out generally, but no ultrasound. Then I found a new lump. So, ultrasound. The lump's a calcium pearl, not a threat. I also have a very small varicocele and a very small spermicocele, I'm told. i.e. I have a blood vessel and a sperm tube that both leak backwards a little bit - likely the source of the pain.

So, my urologist says that these are both really small and there's no need, nor much use, to doing anything invasive about them. It's tight undies, aspirin and hot baths for me.

That'd be fine, but after getting things quieted down for a week or so, the tenderness and soreness came right back over this weekend. So, I'm doing what I can to settle things down again, but I'm wondering of there really isn't anything I can do to take care of this in a more permanent way. Would it be worth my while to see another urologist about this or would I just get the same answer?

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I think, with all sincerity, that any question containing the words "testicle" and "second opinion", in that order, can be answered "Yes."
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er, the reverse order as well.
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Yes, absolutely. No ifs, buts or maybes.
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Run, don't walk, RUN to another urologist. Didn't you see the leaked copy of SiCKO yet? Far be it from me to suggest that your urologist if hoping for a bigger HMO bonus this year, but who in their right mind would take chances with their left nut?
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Definitely yes. Testicular cancer is probably what you're afraid of - but testicular cancer has an excellent cure rate if caught early. And as a general rule, anything involving cancer warrants a second opinion. It's probably nothing, but I sure as hell would want to know that for certain. Or, what davejay said.
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Testicular cancer is usually painless. I would still consult a urologist for another opinion. Most of this pain is nothing, but a few conditions are quite serious. Why take chances?
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I'll add to the first response... any medical question that includes "should I get a second opinion" can only be answered 'yes'.
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I had a sore testicle when I was 22. It freaked me out, but it turned out it was just a strained muscle in my scrotum. Who knew scrotums had muscles?
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Interestingly, pinched nerves in your lower back can lead to testicle pain. Don't suppose you have back problems? Sometimes you can feel the pain along the nerve that curves around your side from your lower vertebrae. It curves around and goes down to ball town. I too went and got checked out and have no cancer or other problems but the pain still comes back now and then. I have found that when my left one hurts, if I shift my back a bit, it stops. Damned annoying but possibly something to investigate.
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