Sending recorded messages by phone
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Looking for a device to send recorded messages over phone line via ethernet control.

I need a box or program to accomplish the following:
1.Server is made aware of an event.
2.Using TCP/IP over ethernet, place a call to one of several (4-10) phone numbers.
3.When phone is answered, play one of several pre-recorded voice messages.

Background: We have a customer who used a Sensaphone to monitor temperature. Whenever the temp would go out of range, this machine would place a local call and play a recorded message. Part of our solution for them was that our software would monitor temperature, keep a log of it, and if limits were exceeded, set off the sensaphone using an LT200 relay controller. This uses an ethernet connection to pick or drop a relay which is a switch for the Sensaphone. This worked fine, so we offered this to other customers.

Problem- LT200 is no longer being sold. I can find other devices that are ethernet-controlled relay drivers, but was asked to find something that combines the two. Searching for ethernet and phone brings up mostly VoIP, but I don't need a phone at my end or long distance. I'm looking for something more like voice mail in reverse.

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Assuming I understood your situation, it looks like something like the reverse of this zapata example would work if you desired to homebrew it and wanted to get by with only a $25 FXO card.
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Thanks for the links. Asterisk looks interesting. Homebrew is probably not an option, though. Servers need to be running Windows.
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Well, you can run Asterisk from inside a virtual machine or a colinux environment. You'd still have to manage a linux machine but it would be a virtual one.
posted by Skorgu at 8:57 AM on July 3, 2007

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