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I want to have a visual map of how people navigate the web around a particular topic. I am willing to pay for this. For example, around the term "mortgages" I'd like to know all the ways people search and / or navigate to mortgage sites: e.g., some come from search sites, some referred from finance sites, some navigate directly to Citibank, etc. Any advice?
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Maybe Kartoo is what you are looking for?
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Alexa sounds like what you're looking for. You might have to look around a bit, but they have the most borderline-privacy-concern data there is.
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I believe mtstover is moreso looking for how people search the net. Does Mrs. Stay-at-home-mom type in mortgages and local area when she is looking for a local mortgage broker, or does she type mortgage broker low points in the search engine.

Will she go to wikipedia first to learn about mortgages then search for federal interest rates before looking for an agent or so on.

If this is what mtstover is asking, then I am quite interested as well.

Am I close mtstover?
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Response by poster: Wile e. you're close. I want to know where people come from and where they navigate to. Care less about search terms and more about navigators.

What % directly navigates to a site?
What % goes to a search engine first and picks the first thing up?
What % links from some other site to the bank (e.g., finance sites, etc.?

So a little bit more contextual. Here's what has been good so far from here and other sources.

Alexa (thanks tmcw) and hitwise.

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