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My 13" Macbook screen has been randomly, but only slightly, changing screen brightness. Is this grounds for calling Apple for repair?

My Macbook screen fluctuates in brightness at times and, while this could be my fault, there are two "opaque" spots on the screen that are only really noticed from certain angles. I tend to take care of my laptop, so this leads me away from negligence. The laptop is about 11 months old and has previously been in for a hard drive repair (about 3 months ago). Thoughts?
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Hmm...I've been having similar problems with my 13" MacBook. I, um, dropped mine. The brightness shifts happen for me whenever I jostle the laptop, and then I have to jostle it back to get the backlight working again.

If that's the problem you're having (i.e. a backlight problem), the genius at Apple told me it might be as much as an $800 fix or as little as $150. Ouch.
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The flicker is caused by a bad inverter board.
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I had that problem and they knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it by the next day.
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If it is still under warranty, then you have every right to have any problems, no matter how slight, fixed by Apple. That's the whole point of a warranty isn't it? Also keep in mind that while it may only be a mild problem now, it could easily get worse as time goes on.

Were I you, I would happily and quickly, send it to Apple for repair. (Back-up the data, before sending it out!)
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I have the same problem with my MacBook. I am just deciding when I feel like parting with my computer for the week or so it will take for them to fix it. It's almost not a big enough deal to warrant a repair (in my opinion) but since I have Applecare it will be no charge anyway, so why not.
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I'm sorry, is there an actual question here, or do you want someone to hold your hand? You're having an issue with a computer that's under warranty. You either think it's worth the hassle of sending in for repair or not. If you want to, Apple will tell you whether it's covered or not.

No one here can make this decision for you.
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Response by poster: I wanted to see if it was under warranty.
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JNE, calling apple will tell you in about ten seconds if it's under warranty... but the answer is yes, if it's only 11 months old. If you purchased applecare, then it's DEFINITELY under warranty.

Oh, and I noticed that my brand-new MacBook Pro has an automatic screen brightness level adjustment in the systems preference panel. I have no idea if the MacBook has that or not, but it's worth checking. Annoyed the hell out of me for a few days to have the keyboard backlight flickering on and off and the monitor dimming and brightening itself every time the wind moved the bush outside of my window.
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If you don't have AppleCare yet, get it before the machine is a year old (from date of order in the case of online purchases); Apple won't sell it to you if the machine is out of its initial year warranty.
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SpecialK writes "automatic screen brightness level adjustment"

Actually, I was damn pleased to see that. You can adjust the max brightness to a lower level if you want, but I find it really handy as I tend to work without turning on a lot of overhead lights.
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