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Kilt-experienced tailors in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I'm looking for a tailor. Does anyone have any San Francisco Bay Area experience with getting a kilt altered to a smaller size?

To clarify- yes, kilts are adjustable, but only to a certain extent. I hesitate to bring it to a non-kilt-experienced tailor because I'm afraid the pleats won't hang correctly. I don't want them to kick out or anything. This is for a men's kilt - the regular old 9 yard type, in one of the lighter wools.

I thought I had some leads, but it looks like most of the shops have closed up. It seems like everyone's retiring.
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Call Hector Russell, they have a location off of Union Square and would know best if anyone does. Plus it's an amazing experience to go browse the whisky selection and talk to their staff.
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kcm's link looks good, but if not, ask the Caledonian Club of San Francisco, or the South Bay Scottish Society.
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Thanks. Hector Russel is the only one who hasn't gotten back to me yet, but so far everyone I've talked to will only alter kilts you bought from them, and they don't have any recommendations for outside tailors. (Thus my turning to Metafilter.)
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The Caledonian Club has been no help at all, but I may have gotten the wrong person.
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Perhaps someone at the GBACG can help you? The people involved run the gamut from interested beginners to experienced reenactors, so you may be able to find someone who has specifically worked with kilts.
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Also try the Celtic Craft Centre (kiltmakers), they may be able to help you or recommend a tailor:

1325 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA

Phone: (415) 567-6520
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Cuillinn craft does custom tailoring of kilts (according to website), and is in San Leandro.
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Thanks, all. I will try GBACG- I'd never heard of them!

Cuillin Craft hasn't returned my emails, but I'll try calling them. Celtic Craft Centre has moved to Palm Springs (5 years ago!) and simply hasn't up dated its website.

Hector Russell closed it's San Francisco shop, turns out.
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