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awhile back i saw a lot of hee haw dvd commercials on late night tv. the show didn't seem interesting to me, however, the girls did. is there anyway to get a dvd compilation of just the girls?
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Wow. Just wow.

If you're actually serious, the 10th Anniversary Special supposedly has a tribute to the Hee Haw girls.

Looks like you're out of luck for an official "Girls of Hee Haw" DVD.
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Surpisingly, a google search for "hee-haw girls gone wild" actually yields one result. (Un)Fortunately (depending on your point of view) it seems to be randomly generated to attract traffic. Maybe you could just move to Arkansas or something?
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I would write the DVD reissue company about this. While they just may not have the rights to compile excerpts, it's possible the idea just never occurred to them. If they don't have the rights, I'm sure a business case can be put together for the concept quite easily and convincingly.
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They're not just "The girls" they had a name: The Hee-Haw Honeys.

Good news: They had their own spin-off! Bad news: Kathy Lee was one of the Honeys on the spin off.
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