How do I get rid of these blankety-blank tabs?
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Firefox opens a blank "(untitled)" tab when downloading certain files used by helper applications such as torrent files, or .smil files which are processed by a homegrown vb app. How can I suppress these blank tabs or force them to autoclose? I thought I saw an addon or greasemonkey script to do this at some point, but can't find one now.
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Best answer: In Tab Mix Plus, there's a checkbox for "Prevent blank tabs when downloading files". It seems to work, as I don't get blank tabs. Probably overkill if that's all you want it for, though. (But most people already have TMP installed, yes?)
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Seconding Tab Mix Plus. It's the only thing I got to not get the blank tab to show up. Plus it's handy for so many other things (like setting double click to close the tab and reopening tabs you accidentally close).
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Reopening tabs you've accidentally closed doesn't need Tab Mix Plus; shift-ctrl-T does it without extra help.
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What version of Firefox are you running? Ever since I upgraded to 2.0 Firefox auto-closes tabs that open just for downloads. I'm not running Tab Mix Plus.
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google up "disable download targets"

(too lazy...)
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Response by poster: I'm using Firefox 2 and Tab Mix Plus did the trick. I've been resisting that addon, but it plays nicely now with ieview and others. disable download targets has not been updated for 2.0. They think 2.0 is supposed to have corrected the problem, as apparently it does for chrominance.
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flabdablet writes "shift-ctrl-T does it without extra help"

Sweet! Didn't know that little gem - thanks, flabdablet. Up until now I'd been using the History --> Recently closed tabs menu...
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