longer undershirts?
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Crew neck undershirts that don't untuck?

I wear size large (sometimes listed as size 42/44) crew neck short sleeve undershirts. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of shirts that are extra long so they don't get untucked?
I do not want a larger size, I don't want to skip wearing an undershirt, I just want them to be several inches longer at the bottom. Buying pre-shrunk does not seem to solve the problem either. The few questions on here about undershirts did not recommend a specific brand for this issue.

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I don't know, but have you tried going to a big and tall shop, and looking in the "... and tall" section?
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Ha, I think the sleeves for a really tall person would be too long.
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The Fruit of the Looms that I was happily buying because they were the perfect length for my torso have, very recently, become longer.

Scratch that... I went to look for the product from their website and realize that I must've picked up the wrong variety. I must have been getting Classic Crew, but this time I think I got the Wardrobe Crew. Give those a shot?
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Ha, I think the sleeves for a really tall person would be too long.

Short sleeves? On a shirt that you're using as an undershirt?

I repeat, have you tried?

I bet that the smallest extra-tall size would be fine.
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Flunkie, it's possible that he chooses to wear a undershirt under a short sleeved shirt.
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Thanks FlamingBore. Yes, this is DC humidity and I walk a lot. I have to wear undershirts under any non-white T-shirt or I'll sweat through it. I also wear them under polo shirts and dress shirts. The sleeves on extra large shirts are too long and poke out. I think the same would be for extra tall shirts.

I have Fruit of the Loom shirts that untuck. They actually market both Classic and Wardrobe shirts as "generous length". I'd like another several inches added to the bottom. I'm looking for the same chest size, sleeve length and tightness as the usual large undershirt... just longer. I generally don't buy "full cut- for a roomier fit".
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Try Duluth Trading company - their "Longtail T" is 3" longer than normal and also comes in short sleeve or sleeveless.
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I don't think you'll like this option but I'll drop it anyway. There are bodysuits for men which can't come untucked. I've never used 'em, dunno if they'd be in your size, and I think they're goofy. But if you absolutely positively need crew neck shirt that won't come untucked, there it is.
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Hanes makes an extra long "tagless tee" for this purpose. I've been wearing them for a couple of years and they suit me fine.
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I've been wearing these undershirts from JC Penney's. The "tall" and "extra tall" size ranges have the extra length you're looking for without the extra room in the chest.
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Some of my pants have a built-in wavy-shaped, rubbery fabric inside the waisteband just for holding shirttails in. I wonder if you can retro-fit some of you pants.
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I can't find undershirts that are long enough so I just tuck them in my underwear. Works just as well.
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Adding that I only tuck them into my underwear if my overshirt is tucked in (to the pants) as well.
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I second tucking them into your underwear. It works. Dan made me do it.
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Hanes untucks for me as well; been curious about this situation myself; thanks for asking the question
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Hanes Premium undershirts should not untuck on you. They are also tagless. I buy them at Target, and they are only a little bit more expensive than the regular undershirts.
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The Merona (I think only target carries this brand) undershirt I'm wearing is relatively long, without being too large in any other dimensions. It's not a ton longer than most other undershirts, but it is by an inch or two.
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Hanes has a tall-man line where the sleeves aren't ridiculous, I've found them in abundance at Kohls. Being 6.5 feet tall I understand the untucking problem, believe me.
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I wear almost exactly the same size as you, and the "Russell Athletic" tagless XL shirts _rock_. They're a really good, thick weave (which helps a lot), and they're longer than most Ts in the same size.

(Plus, the "underwear tuck" totally works. It looks _totally_ lame until you're fully dressed, but it makes a big difference. Start there.)
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Insert tab "Undershirt" into slot "Underwear". The elastic makes all the difference.
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I just ordered 4 Short Sleeve Longtail T's from Duluth trading company. Thanks for the help folks. I'm certainly going to ignore the tuck into underwear advice though.
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Follow up:
The Duluth shirts were too big BTW.
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