Free/low cost advertising in Rhode Island?
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I am looking for free or very low cost online or print advertising opportunities in Rhode Island for my home-based Noah's Ark Workshop birthday party / group workshop business. I could also use some creative (and free!) promotional ideas to get the word out.
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Craigslist? Livejournal/Myspace/&cetera?
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"Getting the word out" idea: Offer a free birthday party and/or workshop as a prize for a charity auction or a school fundraiser... You'll reap the benefits of lots of word-of-mouth from the winner (and from their guests).
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Is this not what Craigslist was made for, more or less?

Also, there is truth in amyms' idea. I distinctly remember an up-and-coming place that did just that when I was about 9 or 10. I (or rather, my folks) won it, and had my birthday there. From that point on, I think every kid I knew had their birthday party there for almost two years. That place was awesome.
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