Best Mac screensavers
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Best (free/cheap) Mac screensavers? No Electric Sheep.

Flurry is fun but I'm tired of it. I also downloaded Offshoots, Fields, VisionSynth, Scattered Flurries, Lotsawater, Euphoria, and Lotsaglass.

Got any other free/cheap suggestions? I love Electric Sheep but I can't get it to work properly on my Mac.

I like to use Backlight so that I can use screensavers as my desktop wallpaper.
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I still think the flying toasters are cute
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There's always xscreensaver, which runs on OS X (10.4 or later). It's a little overwhelming. There are a lot of good ones, but also a lot of them aren't so pretty, and I actually have gone back to flurry.
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Does your Electric Sheep not load, saying it is downloading the first sheep? Just let it run for a couple of hours (!) or see if you can still find that torrent of starter sheeps.
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I use BSOD from xscreensaver on such a short timeout that my machine "crashes" anytime somebody comes over to talk to me at my desk.
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If you have the Developer Tools installed, you could try making your own with Quartz Composer (in /Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools). It's a simple, visual, drag-and-drop interface to the advanced graphics functionality in your Mac.
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red pill is good
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I made this one that I really like, although it's not very fancy.
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The best by far: Fenêtres Volantes.
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I'm going to go with a kernel panic. .

But...If you just want beautiful...

Soundstream is excellent.
Defcon Globe if you liked WarGames.
Fenetres Volantes is really cool
Helios is also breathtaking.
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Ooh there's some new ones to me up there...
I've only got one:
Polar Clock
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Ignis Fatui (Windows and Mac)

Throw it on full random for an incredible screen saver. I have it on about at least 3 machines.
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Phil Ryu lists his top 10 plus some extras in comments. Lotsasnow would look nice as a motion desktop background.
Unusual screensavers at Plasq.
Personally, I like Futurismo Zugakousaku's really weird quartz composer animations as screensavers the best. Fish and Fish Crowd are especially cool and always gets a double-take when people see it.
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I like EuclideanGarden, a cool tree-growing screensaver.
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If you like lotsawater, update it with an image of your own. Rather than having my desktop look submerged, I took an overhead shot of my kitchen sink filled with random stuff - never fails to draw a crowd.
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I'm surprised no-one's mentioned Hotel Gadget (formerly known as Hotel Magritte).
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Response by poster: Ignis Fatui, Fenetres Volantes and Soundstream are fantastic. Keep the suggestions coming everybody!
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I guess I'm kind of old school, but I love the Really Slick collection, particularly Solarwinds, which I never tire of.
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If you're still using a PPC, then you'll want Fluid

They've been promising an Intel version, but I don't think it's going to happen.
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My favorite screensaver is Pong Saver, from the good folks over at Rogue Amoeba (makers of Audio Hijack Pro).

The cutest thing about it is that the "score" is actually the current time in hours and minutes. I 've been thinking of putting my old 12" Powerbook to use and create a DIY Pong Clock using this screensaver.
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It's very minimal, but I have been using Fliqlo for a long time and enjoy the retro alarm clock look.
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I'm surprised no-one's mentioned Hotel Gadget (formerly known as Hotel Magritte).

Well...two comments above yours was a mention of Futurismo Zugakousaku, the maker of that screensaver as well as the one I use: Full Color Bossa
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Holding Pattern Coach Class
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electropaint is THE dog's balls. sgi created a true 3d classic; now available on mac, lunix (stonerview) and pc. however, I've no idea if the osx/ppc version will work on osx/intel. still, it's worth a try as it's magnificent.
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Seconding Fenêtres Volantes
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These screensavers are great. Solarwinds rocks. Give us more more more!!
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Fractal clock is surprisingly cool. You have to let it warm up for about 30 seconds for the show to really get interesting.

Electric sheep should work fine on the mac. You might want to look into manually downloading some starter movies which is what I did for a while.
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seconding soundstream
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