What does the Diet of Worms Card say?
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Wargame filter: I am starting a game of Here I Stand (by GMT) in a little over an hour, and I have lost an important card! Can anyone who owns the game post me the text?

The card I'm missing is "Diet of Worms", one of the two cards that is played to open the first turn. A google search doesn't turn up anything. Can anyone help a wargamer in need?
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There is no card for it, per se (I think). Check 18.1 in the Rulebook for the process- the Protestants, the Papacy, and the Hapsburgs each choose a card. It's the Protestants vs. Papacy + Hapsburgs. Roll dice for each. Whichever side rolls more 5's or 6's convert that many spaces to their respective influence. Spaces must be adjacent to an existing space of your side, and all spaces must be in the German language zone.

Have fun! It's a great (long) game.
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(Clarification- you roll 1 die for each point of ops on each card)
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It sounds like you got an answer at MeFi, but in the future you may have better luck in at the more specialized Board Game Geek. This page there has a rules flowchart that includes the Diet of Worms rules.
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