Who's Avril Lavigne meets Panic at the Disco?
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What did we hear at the record store? It was like Avril Lavigne meets Panic at the Disco.. but it was neither.

We were at the record store the other day but the CDs in the "Playing" rack didn't match what was really playing the whole time we were there. I first thought it was Avril Lavigne, but it wasn't. It sounded very much like a less whiny Avril Lavigne crossed with Panic At The Disco style backing.. that is, upbeat borderline emo (although it was surprisingly unannoying). It wasn't that synthy or truly "punk", so it's not anything like The Sounds.. but I'm kinda stuck beyond that when it comes to female singers doing modern punkemopoprock. Throw your suggestions at me!

(For what it's worth, it sounded like it was made in the last 2 years for sure. It was very Panic at the Disco, just with a Lavigne-esque chick.)
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http://www.myspace.com/nineteenninetyseven maybe? Hope not though, 'cause they're terrible.
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Kind of a longshot, but Flyleaf?
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Response by poster: 1997: No, it was quite slick, those guys sound like they might be good if they could find a studio!

Flyleaf: Way lighter than that :) (no death vocals for a start ;-))

Fun hearing this other music though! One more clue, perhaps.. I heard it in a major chain in the UK, but I'm 90% sure it's an American act. It might be a band or even be a solo female that just does that kinda music (like Avril, but no, it wasn't Kelly Clarkson). I'm guessing if it's American and it's playing in the UK, it's going to be semi-top-40 material.
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Did you hear a single lyric? That would probably help immensely, even if you heard it wrong.
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The Veronicas and Natasha Bedingfield were the first two to come to mind.
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Could it have Pink's new song, "You and Your Hand"? I'm not really sure it fits the emo label, but it definitely has a poppy, punk-ish feel.
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Best answer: I'll try again... http://www.myspace.com/paramore ?
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Shiny Toy Guns? I hope I'm right, I was totally sure it was them when I read your question.
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Here's a link. The first two songs listed are the two recent singles getting radio play in the US.
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That's what I was going to say, peep.
Le Disco -- Shiny Toy Guns
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Tegan and Sara? (last.fm, YouTube)
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Best answer: I was thinking Paramore as well. They're getting a bit of radio play at the moment. Their website has the embedded youtube video of their single.
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They might hate the comparison, but Metric?
well, you'd probably like Metric anyway
(i love that that first link is a fan video made by an 11 year-old)
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Response by poster: After listening to all of these suggestions, I'm 99% sure it's Paramore (But that Shiny Toy Guns song is great!) because even though I don't recognize any particular song yet, her vocals could be mistaken for Lavigne in a busy record store and the music style is spot on :) Thanks!

I already know and like Tegan and Sara and Natasha Bedingfield, but they're always good suggestions :) Metric sounds pretty good as well, very much like The Sounds, but too new wave for what I heard.

Thanks everyone!
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