Make MAME easy for me.
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What's the easiest to use, slickest, best looking MAME for Windows XP?

I've tried a couple of different flavors of MAME, including the "plain" one and AdvanceMAME. Neither one turns me on - looking for an elegantly simple interface that I can just fire up and start playing. Here are a few things I'm looking for:

* Runs in Windows, not a command line
* Auto-detects video and audio settings
* Easy-to-use game selection menu (click a game with the mouse, it loads)
* Minimal need to go dicking around in config files.
* Easy configuration with mouse (I don't have a joystick)

... um, I guess that's it. Thanks!
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It kinda sounds like you're looking for a good MAME front end. I've had some luck with Maximus Arcade which supports MAME games as well as console emulated. It'll still need some dirty work setting up the backend rom loaders to launch correctly..but once done it becomes a good seemless solution.

It's not free however, but they do offer a trial download.
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You want MAME32FX, it's the one that's updated regularly...

Anything else would be uncivilized.
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Best answer: I've used EmuLoader for years and years. Highly recommended, feature rich, and updated frequently.

If you do want something really simple to use with no bells and whistles, I'll second the Mame32 suggestion.
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