Orange County Electric Guitar Repair?
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Who in Orange County, California, should I take my electric guitars to for repairs & maintenance?

I'm looking someone who:

a) Is great at setting up and repairing electric guitars -- intonation, electronics, etc.

b) Doesn't charge an arm and a leg. I need both arms to play guitar, and the legs help for rocking out on stage.

c) Won't keep my guitar for a long time before having the repair/maintenance work finished. Nothing drives me crazy quite as much as a repair guy with a 2-week turnaround on relatively simple stuff.

If it matters, the guitars are Gibsons and Fenders, mostly with custom electronics and no major problems (no neck warping, cracks, etc.) I'm pretty good at keeping them running right and whatnot, but I'm not what anyone would call a Luthier, and most of my repair work lacks finesse.

Ideally, I'd like to know about people who MeFites have taken guitars to and who have done great work.

And if you know a good amp repair place in OC, that'd be nice to know, too.

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Billy Zoom from X is in Orange or somewhere near. I hear he does great work for reasonable prices.
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Best answer: I highly recommend Danny Ott out of Guitar Doctor West (separate from Guitar Doctor in Fountain Valley). Danny does amazing work, is honest to a fault, turns work around quickly and is reasonably priced, as well as being an all around great guy (and an amazing guitar player to boot). You can check out his website at or call him at 714-893-5557. He's worked on our Les Pauls, Gibson acoustics, Rickenbackers and even fixed the broken top on my hubby's Martin 12-String.

As far as amps go, try Kevin Nelson. He doesn't have a retail shop or website, but he's in the Garden Grove area and does great work. He does repair and custom work for very reasonable prices. His number is 714-856-7015.

Good luck!
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