Am I being paranoid or is this a common glitch?
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Uh... I'm a mac user, on adium. When I log into gmail via browser, the chat option within the browser doesn't work. So besides the fact that someone else might be in my email account, is there any reason I'd see myself pop up in the gtalk list of my Adium account? I've used adium for a long time and this is the first time this has happened. I have never given my password away to anyone, and just want to see whether this anomoly has happened to anyone else, or advice as to how I might look into this.
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Do you use any kind of Gmail notifier like the firefox addon?
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Nope. Nothing else.
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Do you have other accounts (yahoo, .mac, AIM, MSN) set up in Adium as well? Other accounts, they way they're set up, if they're ALL logged in, and your buddy lists (if you count yourself as a buddy from one client to another) will make a difference as to what you see in the window or not.
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Google Chat/Talk doesn't work in Safari, which might explain why you can't log into chat from your browser if you happen to be using Safari.
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Same thing happens to me. Adium, gChat, I show up in my buddy list. I figure it's just a bug with either Adium or gmail's chat system. I wouldn't worry!
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Also: it seems other people have found this. Adium's support/development page seems to be down, but Googling on their bug tracking server ( reveals this.
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I recently had this show up on my machine (Mac+Adium+gmail) after i sent myself some mail, eg: i had some mail i wanted to keep track of and sent it to myself and my husband, yes i know it would be in my sent mail anyhow, lets move on.

I think gmail picked myself up as a new contact and Adium then picked up what gmail did.

I removed the contact in Adium and all seems well again.
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When I log into gmail via browser, the chat option within the browser doesn't work.
Safari browser? The gTalk sidebar doesn't work/isn't supported in Safari. Even in the new Safari beta 3 it the gTalk sidebar still doesn't work.

In Adium, I see my own gTalk contact as well.
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Thanks for the anecdotes and resources... mystery solved, peace of mind returned!
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