Japanese sweets without the sugar?
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Where can I find Japanese candy made with stevia?

About a year ago I stopped eating sugar and switched over to stevia (best life-move ever, next to marrying Slothrop). I make pretty yummy brownies, fudge, ice cream, but the whole candy arena is a little elusive. . .

I know that stevia has been used as a sweetener in Japan for a long time, but when I check out the candy at my local Asian grocery stores, they are all made with sugar. I really love the packaging for Japanese candy - but I'm getting a little tired of buying the boxes and not eating what's inside. Candy should be a complete experience!

Does the FDA restriction on selling food products made with stevia extend to imported food products? What if I order the candy directly from Japan?

I am not looking for candy sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, or so-called "natural" sweeteners like maltitol. It's gotta be stevia, or in a pinch, xylitol will do.

Web site recommendations, recipes, bricks-n-mortar -- All help appreciated and welcome!
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It is banned as a food additive as the safety studies have not been completed sufficiently. The ban extends to importing. It is legal as a dietary supplement (the laws are much, much looser in this area) so you will have to make your own candy.
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I think the answer is yes. That sounds like exactly the kind of think the FDA is on the lookout for.

"Examples of products detained because of stevia include teas, drinks, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and candies."

It's a shame... I love the stuff.
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Response by poster: Bummer. I thought that might be the case, but as always, was hoping for a loophole!

Thanks for the fast response.
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