What software should I use to write a VCD?
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What software should I use to write a VCD?

I would like to put my video files in VCD format on CD using my CD-RW drive so that I can watch them on my DVD player (I have no DVD writer.) The problem is that I can't figure out what software I should use. Please recommend a software package that writes MPEG files to VCD. Hopefully it is a low-cost program or even a freeware one. (P.S: I did try Aurora Video Converter but the program froze in the middle of writing the CDRW, so I won't use it again.)
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You could download the trial version of Nero Burning ROM.
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Windows, Mac, or other?
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Response by poster: Windows
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I use Nero, I've found that writing the VCD as an image rather than directly to disk, then burning the image to disk works much better for me. I've only gotten one coaster out of about 25 instead of maybe 1 in 3 burning direct.
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I like EazyVCD.

It's fully automated, from DVD to MPG files. Then you just use your burning software to burn the disc. Cake.
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