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How do YOU bakhoor?

I love the chunky, resin-y, incense that my Somalian co-worker led me to. He directed me to a tiny Arabic shop and I bought 5.00 worth. That's alot. So how do you burn it? I Googled and saw the burners made for bakhoor, etc. and my friend would burn it on a piece of aluminum foil on his stovetop. I don't want to order the burner and the stovetop thing doesn't have the ol' special "burning ritual" thing going on that I want. Yeah, so what do you do?
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Would a tart warmer work? Found it almost any stinkarrific candle shop in your local mall.
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Response by poster: Tried that. It doesn't get hot enough to start smoking. Rats.
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I've never used that particular resin, but when I used to burn incense, I bought some compressed chrcoal disks off ebay, and put them in a special dish thing (I forget what it was called) that caught the ash underneath. Put the resin on top, then lit the charcoal. It worked really well.
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Best answer: These, for example.
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Best answer: Yep, this is the stuff you want.
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Many of your new age or pagan/occult stores will carry those charcoal discs too.
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My very large health-food store even carries them.

FYI, though - make sure you either find a specialized burner, or use a much, much larger bowl, filled with clean sand or kosher salt (easier to come by) to hold the disc. I recently used a 1.5" diameter cup full of sand to hold the disc, and the heat from the disc is SO intense that it melted three layers of cotton-poly cloth that was underneath. I've done this in the past, but I guess I probably used a bigger container to disperse the heat better.
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