Looking for help translating a couple of Dutch sentences.
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Can someone translate a couple of Dutch sentences for me?

Someone in the Netherlands linked to a picture I drew (of my old school uniform, as badly drawn here) and the following phrases were used:

Bekijk slechts de afbeelding.

Afbeelding kan verkleind worden weergegeven en auteursrechtelijk beschermd zijn.

I'm just curious about what they mean! This picture has a bizarrely large number of hits.
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Best answer: worldlingo gives me:

"Examine only the image.
Image can be reflected reduced and copyright to be protected to be."
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Gah, fingers working faster than my brain. Almost seems like someone's trying to claim copyright on the image.
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Response by poster: Oh well, I thought it would be something more interesting than that! Thanks, pupdog.
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Best answer: "Just look at the image.

Image can be shown at a smaller size, and be protected by copyright."

(That doesn't really help, does it?)
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Response by poster: Nah, it's totally boring! But thanks, thehmsbeagle.
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Best answer: It says:

"Only look at the image. The image could be displayed reduced in size and protected by copyright."

I'm a native speaker and I think these two sentences are kind of weird in the way they are worded (almost like it is a translation from another language). I guess what it is meant to say is 'this image is copyrighted, you can have a look but don't do anything with it'.
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