Non-Yahoo Group solution?
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Other than Yahoo Groups, can you recommend something like it--a virtual classroom--that I can use to conduct an e-class with assignments etc. Thank you!
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I have never used it, but Moodle might be what you are looking for.

You will need a server to host it though.
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A free LMS? Try Edu 2.0.
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Webinar is the search term to look for. Most of it is business oriented so you will have to pay a pretty penny to use. Here is one that doesn't sound too badly priced.
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You could also conceivably mash together a Youtube lecture with IRC chat.
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For something with assignment and gradebook functionality, I think you will need more than a webinar. Moodle, Sakai, Drupal, etc. allow you to build this in, but this new Edu2.0 seems to make some of the set up easier.
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Actually, Edu 2.0 seems not to be what I think it is. Moodle is your friend.
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Blackboard is what most colleges use. Moodle is an OpenSource one, using PHP and MySQL.
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I'm a distance learning teacher and have used Blackboard, WebCT and starting this term, Moodle. So far I'm loving Moodle. The greatest strength it has so far is in grading student work. It's such a pain in other programs, but in Moodle I can see their work, comment on it and assign a score all at the same time. This saves hours of my time. Plus it's easy for students to use. The starting page by default is incredibly busy, but after I removed all everything but the basics it has a nice, clean look.
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