My Teeth Need Help
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I've spent the total amount of my dental benefits for this year. The insurance company cannot increase these, or sell me additional coverage. Can anyone direct me to a source for additional dental insurance so my teeth don't rot out before the first of the year?
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Have you asked your dentist for a discount? Explain your situation and tell him you'll pay cash.
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Sometimes just paying for the dental work is cheaper than paying for the insurance. That was the case for me, anyway. I just sock the money I would have spent on dental insurance into an interest-bearing account, and I've come out ahead, even with significant dental work to pay for.
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Check into CareCredit. My dentist contacted them when I needed root canal far and above my benefits--and I got it set up as interest free for a year, and I'll be able to pay it off in that time, barring other disasters.
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According to dentists I know, there's really no such thing as dental insurance. The benefit you get through work is more like a pre-payment plan that your employer purchases for you.

So I believe the answer is that you can't get additional dental insurance.
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I've heard you can negotiate prices with your dentist if you are paying them directly in cash or credit. YMMV, but the deal is that you are saving them time and expense by putting money right into their hands rather than dealing with insurance co's, and so some will be willing to pass the savings onto you.
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Any dental insurance that you purchase will almost certainly exclude pre-existing conditions.
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You could try for a search or just google dental insurance. It might be that it would be cheaper just to pay upfront. My dentist was never a provider for the not-great dental plans.
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