Squash season just isn't the same without the sauce! Please help us locate a supply of this rare Japanese sauce.
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Can anyone help locate a seemingly rare Japanese sauce?

The sauce in question is: Shirakiku Brand Seasoning Sauce (Yakiniku Dori Ninniku Shoyu).

Pictures: Bottle, Front Label close-up(Japanese), Nutrition Facts/Ingredients (English),Label side (Japanese).

Preferably we would like to be able to purchase this online, however I have searched every asian foods retailer I could find for this sauce to no avail.

It used to be available in New York, however it can no longer can located there. If you know of somewhere in New York, or any point south as far as Virginia (Maybe somewhere in Philadelphia, Baltimore, or D.C.?) that sells this sauce, any information would be appreciated. If you've seen it further afield, maybe, given enough information to contact them, we could buy it and have it shipped? Who knows?

We have been able to track it down here and there over the years, but sources have dried up and this year we can't track down even a single bottle. I fear that this sauce has been discontinued, but it's very hard for someone who can't speak, or read Japanese to find out any information.

We have tried dozens of "similar" sauces, but none have been very close. Suggestions of alternatives are appreciated, however we really are looking for this exact sauce.

Thank you for any information you can provide.
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Why don't you contact the distributor, Nishimoto Trading Company? Here's their contact page, which says

Please be advised that Nishimoto Trading, Co. is a wholesale distributor and that we do not sell our products to the general public directly. If you need assistance in locating a product in your area, we can direct you to the closest possible retailer in your area.
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Ahh, I failed to mention that in my question.

We have tried that and while it did lead to a supplier, they stopped carrying the sauce in question shortly there after.
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I checked out the Daisho (the manufacturer) website - Daisho [Japanese] - sorry to say it looks like they aren't manufacturing it anymore.
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Gah. That sucks.
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I also checked out most of their yakiniku range - but nothing seems to match closely to the ingredients listed.

I guess you could try experimenting with mixing them yourself?
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The major components here are soy sauce, garlic, roasted sesame-seed oil, and ginger. Definitely a winning combination. I'd suggest mixing them in decreasing proportions by that order. Maybe a little vinegar. You could probably come pretty close. I just marinated some portobellos in a very similar concoction last night.
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