T-Mobile data coverage around the world: is there a single map showing all covered areas?
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T-Mobile's Unlimited International Email add-on for BlackBerry currently offers data service in "90 countries and locations." Is there such a thing as a single map showing these 90 countries and locations? If not, what's my most efficient way to make one myself?

(On T-Mobile's site, there's only a drop-down menu; you need to click on each country to see whether data [as opposed to just voice] is offered in that country, then click again to see a map of the country's coverage area.)

My dream map would be a current, zoomable world map of actual T-Mo data coverage areas -- so you could view, for example, all of Eastern Europe or all of Central America at the same time, as with their excellent zoomable map of U.S. coverage.

Assuming there's no such map, I want to make a simple map myself, with different solid colors for each country (indicating "full coverage," "coverage only in urban centers," etc.) and each country shape linking to T-Mo's actual coverage map of that country. For this map I don't care about countries where there's only voice coverage & not data. Yes, I know this info fluctuates, so any map I made would be just a "current as of [date]" solution.

For making my own map, is there such a thing available as a big outline map of the world that already comes with an imagemap for each country's shape -- or just comes with clickable country names inside each country? (I'm hoping for something free or cheap; this is not an assignment for work, just a tool for planning my own low-budget travels.)
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I don't have an immediate answer to your question. But I wanted to lend my support; I think that's a great idea! I know that my coworkers (many of whom travel widely and take their T-Mobile BB's along), could use such a reference.
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Hey, someone put together a great list here!
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