Is there a way to send faxes via web or email for free?
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Is there a free alternative to eFax for sending faxes via the web or via email? eFax has increased their setup fee to about $26, and all I need to do is send two faxes over this coming weekend. That's all. I've looked at send2fax and MaxEmail, but neither are instilling confidence. Anyone?
posted by grabbingsand to Computers & Internet (6 answers total) has been providing free fax service since 1993. If the reciever is in their coverage area you're golden. There'll be ads on the cover page from the area's sponsor, though.
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Thanks! But wait.... the destination number is in the 646 area code. Curses! Anyone else?
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oh wait. we just had thread on this ... do you have your own server? there is nice open source solution that converts fax to email... a little work to set up though.
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JConnect Free is a service (owned by the same company that owns eFax) that appears to do what you want for a trial period, although the details are a bit sketchy on the site. I have used the JConnect Premier service for several years and have found it to be very reliable.
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If you just have a few faxes to send why not just go to Kinkos and send it from there? It is definitely low tech but relatively cheap and easy. Especially if you have to fax something where you are needed to handwrite something.

I recently had to do the same thing and started to use the "send fax" feature of Mac OS X but since it was a form I'd need to scan it first and I didn't realize my old Scanner wouldn't work on my Mac since I bought it before. So that would mean I'd have to mock up something in Word first and the fake my signature. So I went to Kinkos and it cost like a buck to fax it.

I hate faxes and fax machines and believe they should be outlawed. I have the free e-fax service so I have a fax # for those people stuck in early 80s technology.
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For what it's worth, I've been using Maxemail for years and they have been great. Support has been good, too. I got a $20 credit once when they were having trouble with Safari and I tried to help troubleshoot it with them.
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