Drinking a six pack of Coke in a hour: impossible?
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Stunts: Have been told drinking 6 12 oz. cans of Coke-A-Cola in one hour is an impossible task. {MI}

Inspired by this thread. Any one ever try this stunt or seen it accomplished? Note must be the brand Coke-A-Cola and no fluids may exit your body during the hour.
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I dunno about Coke, but this guy couldn't make it through a gallon of milk.
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I could do it, but would belch for days afterward...6 cans is not that many, especially if you drink two, take a break, drink another two, etc. (and aren't big gulps and things like that equivalent to 3 or 4 cans?)
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I was challenged to down a gallon of water in an hour (or was it a half-hour? It was back in the early 80's...).

I couldn't do it. I wanted to puke...
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and aren't big gulps and things like that equivalent to 3 or 4 cans?)

Forget to mention: specifically canned Coke-A-Cola.
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Why would it be impossible? I'd say definitely it's possible. I used to be a Coke addict and many times drank 3 or 4 cans in an hour without even thinking about it.

I drink the caffeine free diet stuff nowadays and wouldn't have a physical prob doing it with those.
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I'm pretty sure I've probably done at least 4 without thinking about it, so I can't imagine 6 is a big step up from there.
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There's nothing really different about coca-a-cola than any other canned cola. I supposed the reason to restrict it to cans is then, if you assume they open the cans as they go, it forces them to drink soda with a higher level of carbanation. But, really, 6 cans is only 72 fl oz. Which is only a little bit more than half a gallon. And is barely more than 2 liters. (.5625 gallons vs .528 gallons). I remember drinking a 2 liter of coca-cola in about 30 minutes when I was 13 or so. Maybe I'll try this 'stunt' tonight.
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i'm pretty sure i'd have no problem drinking it.

would I be able to keep myself from using the restroom?

that's another question altogether.

but i'd say yeah. i've got a pretty complacent bladder.

along these lines (whole milk challenge, drinking stuff, etc), there's always the 100 shots of guiness.

sounds easy, but supposedly, is quite difficult.
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There's a similar idea about 8 crackers (or maybe it's 4) in one minute. Sounds so easy but your mouth gets so parched that you can barely breathe.
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There's nothing really different about coca-a-cola
Myself, belch the most from drinking Coke. As a child could never drink a full can in one sitting.
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I can do the coke thing and I can do the crackers thing no problem. The crackers thing is easy, my skills come from eating lots of cereal without milk.
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I once chugged an entire 2-litre bottle of TAB, but I only held it down for about 30 seconds, so the "judges" ruled for my buddy, who'd gotten through about 1/2 a bottle. Yes, my parents are very proud...

The 100 shots of beer is really tough. You cruise through the first 70 or so, then they seem to get exponentially harder. I'd be curious as to using Guinness; the heaviness of the stout would be offset somewhat by the relatively low alcohol....
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Another fun one is who can do the most shots of expresso in an hour. MY friend worked at Starbucks and did 23 in 45 minutes.
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Stink Factor's recorded the milk challenge and the saltine challenge as well as the cinnamon challenge and the horseradish challenge. I'm sure they'd rise to the Cola challenge if someone put it to them.
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As a cyclist in a hot place, I've gone through those 64-oz mega-super big gulps in about ten minutes. Some of that is water from ice melting, and it's from a drink fountain, not cans (not sure how important the difference is), but I'd say that under the right conditions, it would be a doddle.

1. Pick an insanely hot day.
2. Open the cans in advance to let the coke flat out a bit (it's the fizz that really slows you down).
3. Add some ice to water the coke down.
4. Engage in a high-intensity aerobic workout at midday.
5. Drink half the cokes.
6. Go and exercise some more, for most of the remainder of your time.
7. Return and finish the cokes.

I guarantee that not only will you finish 6 cans of Coke, you'll ask for more.
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this task is so easy that adamrice's instructions are obviously for people who aren't very tolerant of pushing their bodies to limit, baby.

if you'd like, I can make a video of me drinking six cans. this will be somewhere upwards of 1.5k calories, but who's counting?
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Eat a tablespoon of flour all at once.

(it's a stunt we only tried ONCE, by the way)
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teh century club of any beer is tough. at a shot a minute, by the time you're at 100 you've had eight beers in less than two hours. i've done it without puking (thank you college!) but i was in bed pretty early those nights.
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angry modem dare you. When I first heard it, thought yea no problem as I have drank several cans in a hour... but 6. Now beer I’ve done it many time playing 3 man. But Coke is more filling for me. Otherwise I'll try posting it to Stink Factor.

Open the cans in advance to let the coke flat out a bit (it's the fizz that really slows you down).
No, you must open the cans(12oz bottles would be fine too) as you drink them. Why a 2lt bottle is out. Seen other carbonated drinks done but not Coke.

Have heard this bet over and over through the years mostly by folks in their 40's-50's. So I thought this must have been tried when all you could get were 6-packs. Everyone whom said they would try, chickened out at the last minute. Ever notice how freshly poured Coke burns your nostrils as you drink it?
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I have done it. But then again, my stomach is used to cruel and unusual punishment. A 12 pack on the other hand... now THAT is a challenge.

(some one do it!!)
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maybe someone can do it at a meetup? : >
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Six cans in an hour? Heck, I bet I could do it in a minute, with a bit of effort. I've certainly downed a whole can in 10-20 seconds before for no other reason than that I was thirsty.
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Yes it's possible. No it isn't possible. What answer were you fishing for? Were you looking for permission from MeFites to go ahead and do this? This question is retarded.
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You can shotgun pop can't you? So, with the aid of a pen, 5 minutes, tops. How long does it actually have to stay in your stomach?
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This question is retarded.

Then why the hell are you even commenting in it?
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bonehead that's the problem every one foresees, the coke staying inside a person for an hour.
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Obviously, you'll probably have an easier time if you ensure that your bladder is clear beforehand, if you ensure your stomach is relatively empty beforehand and if you're thirsty.
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At Spike's on Thayer Street in Providence, the record is 17 quarter-pound hot dogs (with bun, which is really a six-inch roll) in 90 minutes. No puking.

I could do a gallon of water in about 10 minutes. Not sure what the fuss is about.
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A friend of mine managed to do the 21 pints (of beer obviously) in one day on his 21st birthday but he did shit himself along the way, as well as being caught trying to steal a bowling ball from a bowling alley. Has anyone else managed this?
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I used to be able to shotgun a 2 liter bottle of coke. My friend and I would have races to see who could inhale it fastest. It got so bad that we'd shake it a bit first to force positive pressure and basically just open our throats. As competitive as the teenage years are for males I'm surprised any of us get out alive. As far as beer goes I've done a century, which is 100 beers in 24 hours. I do not remember much about it. I've also had about 20 ounces of Jack Daniels over a lunch and gone in and TA'd impressionable 3rd year engineering students.

By the time I was in my twenties two of my friends had serious liver ailments which hit me with a clue-by-four. Now I rarely ever drink except for the occasional manhattan or beer.
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used to live by a bar up in idaho that would do a "free beer until the first person pees" night.

the milk challenge is nasty. tried it about 12 years ago.
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substrate - you are like my uni buddy Tim

we have both got just bought f*ck-off motorbikes.

nothing to do with thread coz i have had beers. soz.
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PrinceValium, you manage to slip Providence in to every post, don't you?

As others have said, it really seems to me that I've downed 4 or more sodas in an hour without even thinking about it. Though I realize the sheer volume might take it's toll, that's really only one soda every 10 minutes.

Then again, in high school the thing was to eat six Saltines in one minute (no fluids allowed) and have your mouth clear by the 60 second mark.

Couldn't be done. Don't sit opposite the person attempting the feat unless you want a face full of Saltine crumbs.
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Easy. Really easy.

Hell, I chugged over 2L of Kool Aid in under 30 seconds once. For fun.

A 6 pack of Coke in an hour? Child's Play.

(Note I've drunk an entire double gulp of it in that time. That's 5.07 cokes. And that was because I was just thirsty. Not trying to beat records.)

I was once so thirsty I abused the Swiss Chalet refill policy more than any other customer. I went through enough cokes in a single meal the waitress finally brought me a large glass. Which didn't last long either, but kept her resting for at least a few minutes.

And I still ate the entire 1/2 chicken meal and dessert.

And people wonder why I enjoy my new Atkins diet so much. The lack of sugar has really improved my life, even if it hasn't caused the rapid weight loss I wanted. I just wish I hadn't bashed it so long. I finally don't feel like shit all times of the day. And I plan to take up exercise.

Coke ruined my life, you could almost say.
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Hey, I post what I know.
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I won a bet in High School by drinking a 64 oz. "Double Gulp" of Mountain Dew in 11 minutes. The hour after that was the closest I ever came to getting high.

I routinely drink two 44-ounce fountain cokes in a row at take-out places that allow refills. They're diet cokes now (lost 25 pounds the month I switched) but they go down the same way.

As for cans, I've managed 4 in an hour plus half a pizza without even trying, so I imagine 6 wouldn't be hard.

I'd try it tomorrow, but lacking a video camera you'd have to take my word for it. If anyone wants to buy me a 6-pack at next year's SXSW I'll gladly demonstrate in public.
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The 100 shots of beer is really tough.

Nuh-uh. Back when I was young and dumb, I got through 151 shots in 151 minutes, and could have continued if I hadn't had to pee so bad (which disqualified you in our version of centurion). As it was, I was the record holder for a while at UBC.
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I agree in the ease of this one. In college, to satisfy my own curiousity, I bought a 12 pack of cheap swill, set a timer and drank each one only at a rate that was fast enough to remain comfortable. The first took 30 seconds. The second took a minute. The third took two minutes. The fourth took about 5 minutes. The fifth took about 9 minutes. The sixth took about 15 minutes. The rest continued in a beautiful exponential curve. Now the main reason that I was slowing down was that I was getting full and getting drunk. I imagine that the lack of alcohol in Coke will be offset somewhat by the higher carbonation, but I would do this stunt on a bet with confidence, choosing an amount of money sufficient to compensate me for the subsequent sugar high and crash. Make it a 12 pack and you've got a challenge.
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So no one has actually done this as described? I may have missed it, but I only see lots of "easy" equivalents, like kool-aid, or a whole 2-liter, or with beer. It seems like someone would have actually done exactly this.
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Have you sugar-swilling maniacs ever considered just what sort of havoc your wreaking upon your insulin system? Geezus, people, give your heads a shake: the body wasn't made to deal with that much sugar!
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I just did it. It's really easy.

12 maybe harder, but 6? Come on.
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Uhmmm... fff... check my post more carefully maybe? ;-)
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The human stomach can hold between 2 and 4 liters, depending on who you listen to and whose stomach you're talking about. So, six cans of coke, no problem, a gallon of milk, a whole different story.
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Uhmmm... shepd... did I call you out by name? Are you a sugar-swilling maniac, or an ex-sugar-swilling maniac? ;-)
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Of the ex kind now, I hope fff. IT CAN BE DONE PEOPLE! Aspartame is your friend!
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Gosh, I'm thirsty.
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Just talked to my brother-in-law and he claims to have done 2 liters of coke in under 15 minutes to win a bet. He refused to collect because it was ridiculously easy.
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