Media Center alternative?
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Is there an alternative to Windows Media Center?

I want to use iTunes, Picasa, and VLC to play my media on my living room PC, and Media Center won't let me (AFAIK). I don't have a TV signal coming into the box, so I don't care about DVR functionality. All I want is an alternative 10ft "media center" GUI that lets me configuire my own helper apps and that will interact with the WMC remote in a way that lets me invoke the GUI when, for example, the whole screen is showing a movie, the way the Media Center remote's green button does.

Does such thing exist? I'm running XP.
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There are many to choose from, just google HTPC. BeyondTV, Sage, Meedio (now bought by Yahoo), gb-pvr, and many more!
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I've used BeyondTv and Beyond Media happily for a while.
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Some HP Media Center boxes have the "HP exclusive" ability to play itunes stuff via windows media center (well, mine does). There may be third-party apps to do the same. Like MCETunes.
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I hate to point to Wiki, but the HTPC article there is actually quite useful, and contains many links that will help you zero in on what you want to do.
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Response by poster: Everything linked here plays back media with its own proprietary player. And I don't have a TV tuner in the PC, so no need for PVR functionality.

As noted above, I want to use iTunes for music, Picasa for photos, and VLC for video. Anybody know of a 10 ft. GUI overlay that lets you access third party helper applications?
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Best answer: Media Portal. It comes with an ITunes plugin, you can configure it to play video through VLC, it can be configured to use flickr, picasa, etc as well as youtube.
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I should also mention that it's preconfigured to work with the MCE remote.
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