Special Events at Tech Conferences
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If you could pick a special event activity at a large technology conference, what would it be?
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Dunk Steve Jobs in a tank of water using iPhones to hit the target.
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furtive - good answer
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How many pax?

Scavenger hunts are always good. Great small teambuilding, great competition, good way to see many portions of the city. Depending on the size of the total group, you'll want to create several different hunts, so that you don't get chokepoints through the city.

I'm a huge fan of steering far, far away from anything that requires people to sing, dance, act--perform in any way (unless alcohol is involved). It's just deeply uncomfortable for most participants.

Have you considered doing a bridge-building? I know of one company in Canada that does it; I can only imagine there must be some in the USA. Basically everyone builds a section of a bridge and then it gets put together.

You could break up into small groups and do the standard high school science stuff--limited materials, drop an egg safely from ten feet, for example.
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Are there any limitations? Does it have to be somehow technology-related?

Here are a few possibilities:
Mario Kart tournament
Soap-box derby
Omelet bar
MC battle
Drinking contest
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Best off the top of your head compilable code written to white board with syntax highlighting contest.
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I agree with furtive on this one. Personally, I would also enjoy a RAD session with different developers throughout the conference. This way I can see different styles and hopefully pick up some good tips!
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