Modern Greek classes in NYC
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I'm looking for beginner-level Modern Greek classes in NYC. Are there any that folks would particularly recommend? Places in Manhattan would probably be easiest for me, but I'll trek out to Astoria if that's where I oughtta go.
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I have been taking private Japanese classes at ABC Language Exchange for the past 6 months. I initally took the classes so I'd have some basic language skills for a vacation in May. The vacation has passed and I liked the lessons so much that I decided to stick with them.

It looks like they have group classes for Greek but none scheduled yet - take the survey and sign up for their e-mails and they will send you the schedule.

They are located at West 29th between 6th and 7th.

REALLY highly recommend them. Good luck!
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I've got this absolutely terrible set of Greek basic courses on mp3 that sound like they were recorded in the 60's and are in the style of "repeat after me" - and the best part is that they don't even translate the phrases! The only thing they seem good for is exposure to a good Greek accent. Which really isn't that hard to find in New York, but hey. If you need them, email me. If you do make it to Astoria, I highly recommend Telly's Taverna.
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Response by poster: Ha! Thanks for the offer, phaedon, but due to being raised by Greeks, the accent is just about the only thing I've got down.

And spec80, thank you for the heads-up on ABC; I filled out the survey in preparation for a possible August class. If anyone else has more suggestions, though, please keep 'em coming.
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Psshht. Whatever.

I would call the Greek embassy. See if they have anything on the level of Alliance Francaise for Greek. (don't chap my ass, I don't know how to make a cedille on my computer). Most of my learning was through private tutorship, I'm sure there are a lot of people doing that in Astoria. Craigslist it. And maybe you could contact the Archdiocese. Call St. George's on 54th, see if they have a Sunday school - maybe they offer evening classes.
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Response by poster: I doubt anyone's checking this anymore, but I just signed up for a Beginner's Greek class at ABC Language Institute. Twelve weeks of Frosty Hellenic Kickassitude, starting September 10th. HELLS YES.
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