growth on cats paw
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What is this strange protrusion from cat's paw? This odd "growth" extends out from the upper pad of front paw.

Cat shows no evidence of pain, no limping, and continues to scratch favorite rug. The "growth", or whatever it is, is hard and dry to touch and seems firmly attached to the pad.
It looks like a growth/dead pad material? This is a seven year old maine coon that is indoor/outdoor, but mostly indoor.

Thanks for any ideas before heading off to the vet.
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is it just mutant extra claws? (Is s/he polydactyl?)
posted by putril at 4:35 AM on June 27, 2007

I had a cat with this on each pad, the vet said it was a callous. It can actually be *carefully* clipped off.
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Forgot to mention, this is new (probably no more than a few weeks); presumably a mutant extra claw would have been there from time zero?
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That looks like the carpal pad where the end has gotten sort of rotten or calloused looking. The cat has a non-rotten looking almost finger-like pad in the same spot on his other front foot, right?

I would take him to the vet to make sure it isn't indicative of a serious problem.
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One of my cats has something like that too, though not as grody looking. It seems to be a callous from when we let her claws go too long between clippins (bad owners!). Is this a possibility?

But, quite honestly, that looks pretty nasty. Perhaps call the vet and ask what they think (if it's a callous or not).
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maybe a wart? (do cats even get warts?)
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Misanthropicsarah - Generally her claws are not clipped; didn't know that could cause such a prob.

Tastybrains - yes, indeed, it does appear to be in same position and somewhat similar to carpal pad (had to look that up) on other foot. You may have put your finger on it (no pun intended).

She is due for a teeth cleaning anyway, so vet will see it in near future.
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Request obligatory full-animal picture o'cuteness.
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In her fur glory:

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Guess I don't know how to do that. Please copy and paste:
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Our old cat had a growth that looked a lot like this. The vet said it was something akin to a wart: my (possibly faulty) memory is that he said it was fungal in origin, though I believe warts are viral. We would periodically clip it down with a nail clippers: if clipped very close to the paw it would hurt the cat and bleed a little, so we just kept it in check. It didn't seem to do him any harm or cause him any distress, he lived into his twenties. It never spread or appeared anywhere else.
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Thanks very much everyone. From above and intuition I think it's either carpal pad "rot" or wart. Off to the vet where with a little luck it will be off with it.
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I was thinking that it looked suspiciously like the growths in this post from the blue. Long story made short: maybe a wart caused by a papiloma virus.
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yikes ArgentCorvid, hope that ain't so, but we will check. Thanks
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I only added that as an extreme case, Kevin. Hopefully, It's not as prone to spreading, and is just a plain old wart.
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The answer is ...

According to vet it is just dead pad material that will fall off; there is a technical term for it but he couldn't remember it. Sure fooled me !!
posted by Kevin S at 8:20 AM on June 29, 2007

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