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Wireless speakers for a Philips HTS3555 surround sound system?

After years of setting up and breaking down computers, I hate wires with a hateful, bloody passion. Is there any way to use the speakers with this surround system in a wireless fashion, without much extra expense? Is there another system you might recommend which includes wireless speakers and more or less the same features as this system?
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A few years ago in a similar situation (and for pretty much the same reason) I was going to get me one of these.

I ended up not getting it, but it looks like it would do what you want for the rear speakers at least.
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I think the general topic has been covered before

If you search around about those wireless T-amps you'll see a lot of bad reviews. Never tried them, but pretty much every wireless audio transmitter I've seen sucks kind of bad. Not really sure why.

I'm about to wire the house for sound and I've been fruitlessly looking for something decent to do the rear speakers wirelessly. Wired power isn't a problem, since I can wire in power from the attic and come in from above, that's way easier than running speaker wire across the ceiling (the attic has access to the rear of the living room but not all the way across)

Well, good luck and all. I really don't know why there don't seem to be any acceptable products out there.
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