Fix for slipping shoe tounge
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Is there any way to keep the tounge of my shoes from slipping to the side?

This seems to have perplexed my googling abilities, and nobody I know seems to have an answer. I have two pairs of docs that are functionally the same, just different colors, and the tounge keeps sliding to the right on the right shoe of one pair.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? They are laced in the exact same manner.
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You screwed that link up, there, Elsa. Here's the corrected link.
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Thanks, wsg. It's the first time I've used the link button, and it worked on preview. Dang!
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Upscale shoe stores sell something called a "tongue pad" that solves this very problem. It's only a buck or two - it's basically a fabric pad that sticks to the tongue to provide more hold. My daughter uses them with her riding boots and says they work great.
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Response by poster: Doh. somehow I didn't find this via search.

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