Is there some secret crumpler batcave no one's told me about?
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Where in the Washington, D.C. area is a retailer that carries the 'million dollar home' line of Crumpler camera bags?

I'm trying to decide between a 5 or 6 million dollar home, depending on how roomy it is and how it feels hanging from my shoulder. I'm also a big guy, and self-conscious about getting a bag that's too small for my frame.

I've looked on Flickr and elsewhere to get an impression of how big they look, but the bags look identical except for tiny increments of size and I really can't tell which would fit me best. I tried 3 different stores near me in Maryland, but none of them had bags larger than the '2 mil' or digicam size. I located these using Crumpler's store finder, but I notice that DC is left out of the store finder entirely (you can only access it by a map and there's no DC to click, and no entire list option -- the whole site is unfriendly flash).

I'd really like to try the models on, but otherwise I'll be forced to order online and hope for a good fit. Has anyone seen (or bought) these bags in the district or nearby areas?
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I'm also a big guy, and self-conscious about getting a bag that's too small for my frame.

Go for the 6 million (I own it). It's definitely bigger than 5 mil and holds a bit more gear. I was debating between 6 and 7 and decided 7 was just too big and bulky. I bought mine from a canadian store which was almost $25 cheaper than regular price.
Sorry but can't help you out with DC locations.

PS: Have you looked at size specs to get a idea of how big the bag is?
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Hmmm Circuit City seems to only have the 4 million.... While Penn only seems to have backpacks... (maybe you can ask them to order some for you?) Don't know about Ritz.
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Here is where I got mine. (6 million bag is ~$82 if you enter their code)

Here are some size comparisons between 6 and 7 (see page bottom; images enlarge when you click on them)

Here is a person standing with a 7 mil bag

Hope these help.
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Just for the records: Pro Photo on Eye St. carries the whole crumpler line but didn't have the 6 mil bag in stock. I called around, and the only other stores to carry them are Penn Camera in Tysons Corner or Dominion Camera in Falls Church. So Virginia is bogarting all the crumpler, if anyone asks.

I wasn't the first to ask, so I should have tried harder on Flickr.

I ended up ordering the brown 6 mil bag from B&H and having it shipped next day air. I'm confident it will fit me nicely thanks to your links, special k!
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