Bars with a low-key vibe in Boston
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Need suggestions for a grown-up bar/lounge in Boston

I'm celebrating my 20th anniversary this week, and having dinner in Boston. We'd like to go from our dinner (Four Seasons Hotel) to a lounge/bar with good (low key) ambiance, and preferable some (not too loud) music. What's your favorite grown-up place to sit, drink, and talk in Boston?
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The bar at the Red Fez in Washington Street in the South End. Good drinks. quiet and the middle-eastern decor can't be beat. Had my third date with my now-wife there and I felt wicked classy.
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There's the The Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons and The Bar at the Taj Boston (formerly the original and first Ritz Carlton in the U.S.) -- it's "kitty-corner" across the Public Garden from the Four Seasons.

You might also consider 28-Degrees (1 Appleton Street, South End) -- one short mile from the Four Seasons).
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There's also the bar at JerNe | Ritz Carlton Boston Common. It's also around the corner from the Four Seasons (and behind the Loews Boston). I've recently enjoyed RumBa - Rum & Champagne Lounge at the new Intercontinental Boston on the waterfront -- near South Station.
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BTW -- of my suggestions 28-Degrees is 'quite-the-scene,' and is a bit louder than other suggestions so far.

Let me also recommend the bar at Mistral (Columbus Ave. between Berkeley and Clarendon) -- and a short walk from the Four Seasons.
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You might also try City Bar located in the Lenox Hotel on Boylston St - about a 10 to 20 minute walk from the Four Seasons, not to mention a beautiful stroll on a summer night in Boston as it takes you right through Copley Square.

Word of warning: I'm going on recommendation alone on this one. Several friends of mine had some good dates there, but it can be a little boisterous with the after work crowd. I went to the same establishment when it was under another name and found it quite enjoyable and much as you described.
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No. 9 Park.
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Newest fun place that sort of might meet your requirements is The Beehive in the South End. (Linky and linky.) Jazz bar, large space, usually a very nice mix of people there.
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Depending on what night you go, Jacob Wirth might be a good choice. It's got very attractive, turn-of-the-(last)-century decor and a very low-key vibe on most nights (Fridays are not so low-key, but are a lot of fun too). It's just a couple of blocks from the Four Seasons.
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I love the Enormous Room in Central Square. More ideas here.
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The Beehive in the South End

The New York Times recently had a review [requires free login] of the Beehive.
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Response by poster: Follow-up:

We ended up at the City Room - it was a bit loud at the outset, but settled down after 10:30. The atmosphere and entertainment were perfect. Great place.

As a side note, our dinner at Aujourdhui was wonderful. When making the reservation, I mentioned that it was our anniversary, and from the time that we walked in, everyone on the staff from the bartender to the waiter that decrumbs the table wished us a "Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Flakypastry." The service was knowledgeable and attentive without being obtrusive. We had a table with a view right on the Common and the view was great. The food was a real surprise - very adventurous, not what I was expecting at all, and prepared perfectly. We even received complimentary desserts with a candle and "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate on the plates.

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I'm going to have a busy summer checking out the rest of the places mentioned!
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Response by poster: City Room = City Bar
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