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PS3 Filter: is "Bully" for PS2 compatible with PS3? Can't find via compatibility list, hoping someone here can educate me. Also, which is the best headset to use with PS3 for online play, in terms of low-cost and ease of use? Specifically, for playing "Resistance: Fall of Man" with clan members online.
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PS2 games are mostly compatible as the emulation on the PS3 is done on the hardware level. There's not a real whitelist, like there is for the 360.

Apparently some games have had individual issues, but the PS3 has handled every PS2 game I've thrown at it so far. If you can't find anything on Bully (a fairly popular game) it's probably safe to assume it works.
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If you're in America and playing on an American PS3, you shouldn't have any major problems. It does get sketchy if you're trying to cross regions or playing PAL games.
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I bought Bully for my boyfriend, who has a PS3, and it worked just fine. I can't help with the second question though.
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