Connect my MacBook to my laser printer via bluetooth
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I have a MacBook and a Brother HP 2040 small laser printer. How can I connect them via bluetooth so that I don't have to use a cable? The MacBook has bluetooth but the printer doesn't. Is there an adapter for the printer?

If you can provide a URL to the adapter or whatever gadgets & tools are needed, I'd really appreciate it.
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Forget bluetooth - Apple's AirPort Express can do it wirelessly for you.

The nice thing is that there's really zero setup. Plug and go.
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What unixrat said. You don't want blue tooth, you want an 802-11/whatever device. You can do this with AirPort Express or with any number of other wireless USB hubs or print servers.
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For example, I have an old Mac laptop that I use as a print server. Anyone on the network can print using it.
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Bluetooth printer adaptors exist ... google it ... but the signal distance is short, the speed is (comparatively) slow, and unless you've some very special reason not to, go with real wireless. Airport Express is a cool little thing.
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