Replacement foam for a larger Pelican case
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Need to some replacement foam for a larger Pelican case.

Besides Pelican's original Pick 'N Pluck foam, what are some other options? I know the Pelican foam is pre-diced, but I was wondering if I could find something similar (don't need it diced) and much cheaper. This is a large case too, so leftover packaging scraps are probably out of the question.

I'm in San Jose if there are any local shipping/packaging shops.

Thanks MeFi.
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Best answer: Call JDM Packing Supplies (several locations in SJ). I've purchased foam blocks there in the past but their stock isn't consistent. If JDM doesn't have what you want, try Bob's Foam Factory in Fremont.
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Wouldn't a local hobby store have this foam? I'm thinking it's the same basic gray foam that you can find in most packaging.. I would check around and see if you can get it local thru a hobby store before ordering online.
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Find out your local 'Large trash' day and swipe some ugly couch cushions? Dual deed: Get what you want, and get a 1970's Rust Colored Abomination into the landfill where it belongs.

- Only half-joking. I DO know that seat foam isn't as dense as pick-n-pluck. Depends on the weight of what you're securing as to whether or not that matters.
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Best answer: Get thee to House of Foam in downtown Palo Alto. They have an enormous selection, and I never looked for a foam that they didn't have.
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Transpak on Duane Ave. used to have everything, but they aren't cheap. I second JDM too.
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