Where can I get Jelly Babies in the Twin Cities?
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Where can I get Jelly Babies in the Twin Cities? I'm looking for some Jelly Babies, and being that the Twin Cities aren't quite the UK, I'm having a hard time finding them. I've also googled for places that may sell marmite in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but still no luck.
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I'm not in your part of the country, but around here the larger supermarkets usually have an international foods section, and Jelly Babies (plus wine gums, Maltesers, Yorkie bars, etc) are usually there.
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As a second to that, places like Mr. Bulky (those mall candy stores that let you buy by the pound) often have them, or at least have in my experience.
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You could try calling the Cost Plus World Market (it looks like there's on in the Minneapolis area). The one in my town carries a lot of different intl candies.
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I am pretty sure World Market also sells Marmite. You might also try the international foods section at Cub Foods. The one in Maplewood has an okay selection of British stuff (baked beans, salad cream, orange squash, etc) but I can't recall if they carried Marmite.
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Yes definitely World Market -- there's one in Edina, Roseville, and Maplewood. Their selection of foreign food products isn't huge, but it's probably your best shot in the metro. It's the only place I've found that carries my favorite brand of dried mango.
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You might also try Irish on Grand in St. Paul -- I know that they sell Wine Gums and lots of Cadbury candies, so they might have what you're looking for.
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As sort of a long shot, tea rooms and British pubs sometime have little import shops or groceries attached. Here are two lists for Minnesota.
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If time is not of the essence, there's always mail order as well...
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stupid fingers
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If Jelly Babies are candy, check out Brits Pub on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. They've got a lot of British candy for sale at the host's counter. World Market was going to be my other suggestion though, both for candy and marmite.
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Candyland (downtown)
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Best answer: The Rainbow Foods at the Quarry (35W between Johnson and New Brighton Blvd) definitely has Jelly Babies. They're on the little "British" shelf with the chutneys and malt vinegar and stuff. (Right next to the "German" shelf with the jars of red cabbage and the dumpling mixes.)

The "International" aisle at some Cub Foods might have Jelly Babies, too. World Market is also an excellent place to try.

Byerly's in general can be a good place to look--the one in St. Louis Park tends to have more "European" stuff in stock.
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I'd check out the Mall of America. They have got to have them somewhere in that ridiculous, ever-expanding mall. good luck!
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Seconding Byerly's. I feel like I've seen Marmite there in the past but can't be sure. However, they probably have one of the better food selections in the city so always worth a try.

Also, have you tried Brit's in downtown Minneapolis. My British husband always likes to pop in when he's there and they do have a small selection of British food, like brown sauce and Cadbury bars, available. I'm pretty sure I saw Marmite the last time I was there. If they don't have, the owner is an expat Brit and may be able to give you some pointers if he's around.
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Response by poster: gilmonca, that Rainbow is my usual grocery store. I must have missed them. I love that section--they have Violet Crumble!
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If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll take a cellphone pic on my way home tonight. Of course, they'll probably be out of stock as soon as I make a promise like that...

The St. Louis Park Byerly's sometimes has stuff (like Zeissner Curry Ketchup --echt Deutsch!) that other Byerly's like the one in Roseville might not stock.
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Response by poster: Thanks, gilmonca. I grabbed some after work today. You get best answer because you picked the same grocery store I go to every week.

Now I'm all ready for Saturday. (potential Dr. Who spoiler if you haven't seen the second season of the "New Who" and don't want to know who the "Big Bad" is)
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Success on Aisle 2!
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