Safe areas for a SCAD student to live in Downtown Savannah?
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Safe area for a student to live in Savannah's downtown historic district?

I'll be moving to Savannah this fall to attend SCAD. I'm overwhelmed with the online information regarding the city's safety and it's dispersed pockets of crime. I'm aware that the city has a higher crime rate and that you just need to use common sense (like any other city), but it would be nice to know if there are safer areas (i.e. stay north of Forsyth Park?...within the boundaries of MLK & Broad st?). I'm looking for apartments online and am not at all familiar with the area. I'll also need a place to park my car.

Also, what's the best resource for finding a roommate? I'm hoping to find another graduate student to live with. I've been looking on Craigslist, but the listings are sparse.

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Savannah is... well, dangerous. It is also, however, packed with SCAD students and as long as you stay in groups you typically won't have a problem. The best places to stay are places closest to the river/ Broughton St./ Forsyth in between MLK and Habersham. It is easy to park downtown, you just have to be careful of parking in sweep zones. E-mail me if you need to.
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I agree with thebrokenmuse. I lived in Savannah for four years living in different areas. I saw how it changed and can tell you most of Savannah is inhabited by SCAD kids. Starland district is cheaper further away (south of Forsyth) and nice. But if you've never been there, maybe you would feel more comfortable around the historic district. Have fun and enjoy Savannah and SCAD.
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It changes block by block, there's no way to answer your question. You just gotta get out and walk around. Some streets are worse than other's, you'll be able to tell.

There are SCAD students in every part of downtown, no matter where you are you'll be near people you know. It also depends on what you're used to... compared to most suburbans areas there are no 'good parts' of downtown crime-wise but if you are used to living in a city it won't be much of an adjustment.

With that said Ardsley Park is pretty good, it's nice little quiet houses, a very family neighborhood with cheap rent but a little farther south than most students live. (However, I lived there for a year practically across the street from an elementary school and still saw 2 drive-bys in that time, it's all relative).

Some parts of the area around Starland are nice but it's really hit or miss.. I live in a pretty nice part but I can still see a liquor store, 2 homeless shelters, and a blatant crack house from my front door.
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What's your budget? And are you aware that SCAD has resources for finding apartments and roomates?
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Oh, yeah, I live in Savannah and have for the past 7 seven years. The city, especially downtown is going through a population boom, a "good" one where a lot of money is being spent and condos are going up left and right. This is pushing more of the rougher neighborhoods south, but making downtown more expensive and upscale.
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Thanks for your post, I've been finding that the apartments are generally cheaper but more questionable as you head south. I'd like to find a room share within the $500-600 range. I'm looking at a place that's south of the park, but next to a SCAD building. I figure it'll at least be near a well lit parking lot with security.
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