Free/cheap VJ software with FLV support and sound output?
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Looking for free or cheap VJ software with FLV support and sound output.

I have the idea to do some sort of vj-ing / movie screening live show where I would mix together videos I found on youtube and elsewhere (think "live version of TV Carnage with faster editing and more effects").

But I need the software to do this. None of the VJing tools I found on the internet have audio output, which I need. As far as the other features go, I'm not too picky - just the ability to play back FLV files, some mixing, titling and a few wipes.

My notebook is a 2GHz Pentium with 1GB running Windows XP and fortunately having an external monitor connector which can be configured to behave as extended desktop, so that I can use the LCD panel as my previewing monitor and the external output for the beamer.

Any hints on (preferably free / cheap) software or any other tips are greatly appreciated.
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So VLC media player plays flv's natively, and also converts them. It seems that it'd be easiest to simply convert the flash videos to a format natively supported by whatever VJ software you currently use.

After that, it's a matter of getting VJ software that supports audio, which I'm surprised if you're having trouble finding such a thing. Are you really just after the ability to have a large playlist of videos and be able to rapidly select/loop segments of the video with some basic effects, in real-time?
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Response by poster: Yes, that's basically what I'm looking for.
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