Help me find a cool little unix http utility I can't remember!
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I saw a really cool unix utility the other day blogged about somewhere, that in addition to some little boring http-ey tasks I can't remember, it also served as a tiny little HTTP-server-in-a-pinch like so: ./magicutil file.tar and boom, http://localhost/file.tar is alive. What was it!? Note: please don't try to find something that can /probably/ do this or show me a cool python script that will - this did some other cool stuff too I can't remember!
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Hey! all mine linebreaks died.
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It was probably netcat.
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Scratch that. While netcat could certainly be used to make a tiny http server (among many, many other uses), it wouldn't be quite as simple as that.
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Wbox - looks very cool - added it to my delicious acct immediately when I saw it last week.
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thttpd without any arguments will start thttpd with the docroot in the current dir

and webfs also acts in a similar manner

both of those can be found via apt
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You can use python to do this without running a script. Just type this at the command line:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Voila, current directory served up over HTTP on localhost:8000.
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I use mini_httpd for this. Same author as thttpd, but minier.
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Maybe you mean BusyBox?

It has compact versions of pretty much every *nix command, and the "httpd" one (look here and search on httpd) seems like it would do something similar to what you're after?
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Aha! Wbox was it, thanks!
posted by floam at 1:45 PM on June 24, 2007

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