what is Iron Chef Morimoto trying to say?
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My wife and I just had the opportunity to meet Iron Chef Morimoto and he signed a menu for us. I can read Japanese up to maybe the 3rd grade level so this is beyond me. Can someone help translate this? Here's a pic of the menu.
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Best answer: "Dream big and have a deep (heart?)" . Couldn't tell for sure about the heart kanji though - even my wife, who is Japanese, couldn't make out his handwriting on that one kanji.
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Response by poster: Wow...where the heck is "kokoro" in there? Thanks for the quick translation!
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The one after 大きく, it looks nothing like kokoro to me either. I think my wife was half guessing for something that would make sense.
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Maybe 情? Does that mean anything in Japanese? I only know Chinese.
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Best answer: It is hard to read (I guess he writes this on a lot of menus so it's gotten streamlined), but I'm pretty sure it's 根. That would make the whole phrase "Big dreams, deep roots". A little Googling reveals supporting evidence in English.
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Looks like No-sword probably has it. That character at least resembles the handwritten kanji, but the supporting evidence more or less confirms it.
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No-sword is right. It's 夢は大きく、根は深く (as translated in the link), and it looks like he writes it enough that it's like a signature for him- the 根は深く part, in particular, is especially grasshandy and hard to read.

And I guess the latter half says 森本正治 (Morimoto Masaharu), but it's ridiculously hard to read.
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Response by poster: Ok, that does look more like "root" than "heart." Thanks!
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