LOLest Japanese online TV pls, thx.
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I'm looking for online streams of Japanese TV, with as many game shows as possible.

I've found a few Japanese TV streams, but I have no idea about their programming. I'm handicapped in my search by having no comprehension of Japanese whatsoever.

The streams I've found so far have been playing what looks like talk shows or news, one had some sort of studio audience laughing at a couple guys talking. Ideally I can watch game shows 24 hours a day (and never leave the house).

Pointers to streams with the highest chance of playing game shows or miscellaneous Japanese ridiculousness would be most appreciated, if this exists. Or any other alternate means of watching large amounts of this thats better than YouTube clips.
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TV In Japan.
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Since living in Japan, I've found that 95% of TV is much more tame and boring than foreigner would believe from watching all those crazy Youtube clips. I really don't even see that many game shows, and the ones that I do see are more like game show / variety show hybrids.

So this might be part of the reason you can't find instantly amusing live streams.?. I think a lot of the funny clips on the net are the few funny moments extracted out of otherwise normal TV programming.

(then again maybe we just don't get the hyper crazy wacky game channel in my area)
posted by p3t3 at 8:02 PM on June 23, 2007 has dramas and anime. (I'm currently addicted to Proposal Daisakusen.)

But, I agree w/ p3t3, Japanese TV is pretty boring, it's all cooking shows and sometimes table tennis.
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Like P3t3 said, nowadays Tv in japan is more boring than it was in the 90's. They basically cleaned up their act after Takeshi's Gundan and Denpa Shonen which were two extreme comedy show.
In denpa shonen they locked a guy in an apartment for a year and told him to live only from the stuff he could win in contest from magazines.
Also those are officially comedy shows not really game shows per say.
Alternate means to watch those are dvd compilations
Right now Downtown is one of the most popular comedy show and most of the clips that made the round on youtube are from it, like the silent library one.
Here's a link to a downtown dvd i found on
Downtown is very popular and japanese tv channels are pretty protective of their contents so i would guess that you can't find it online for free.
If you find a feed, those shows are weeklies, usually they air during the week-ends, friday night and saturday night are your best bet.
Sorry i don't have more details, i don't watch tv anymore.
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If you use Firefox, you could install Rikaichan and then go to YouTube Japan or FlipClip and look for popular (人気) videos and then sign-up for the insane nico-nico douga and just click around at a bunch of insane videos with streaming comments.

A lot of TV content is getting yanked off of YouTube now though.

Japanese TV is mostly boring to me as well.
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Whoops, doubly insane.
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