Where does this quote come from?
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"Who are you? Are you good enough to eat?" What movie or sound clip is this from?

It is said by a lady and is featured on the album Kaleidoscope by DJ Food and in this context is quite eerie. Apart from that I have no clue where it is from and would love to know out of pure curiosity.
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This person uses it as sort of an avatar on the cringe humor forum. Maybe you could email her and ask? (kari_blueberry at yahoo.com)
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It sounds vaguely like L'Idiot in the movie "L.A. Story". It lacks that dialogue, but the spirit is the same.

Maitre D': "You think that you can have the duck with a financial statement like this?"
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Which song?
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Hazarding a guess, I've no clue -- From a Hitchhiker's Guide movie, posed toward the animal carted about in the restaurant at the end of the universe who desires to be eaten, perhaps by an inquiring patron?
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In Free to Be You and Me, wasn't there some song where a woman always insists on "ladies first" (the song title) and eventually gets eaten by a tiger, first? Any chance it's in that?
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